Soup Events are live crowdfunding of projects chosen by Sheffield People.

The Grants are made up of peoples entry donation on a live pitch night.  Each ‘micro investor’ donates a minimum of £5.  4 people each pitch an idea that has been selected by Sheffield Residents – often whittled down from 20+ applications.  The audience privately cast their vote, and the winning pitch receives 100% of the door receipts!

Here are a few of our early winners, google search them and BE AMAZED by what they are doing now – all because someone like you chose them.

Soup #1 Winner:  The Real Junk Food Project £540

They desperately needed to buy a van to cope with all the food intercepts.  The money was used towards a deposit and running costs of a van.

The Real Junkfood Project Sheffield

Soup #2 Winner:   The Clubland Detectives 


£530 towards an Album launch to demonstrate that learning difficulties shouldn’t stop people from pursuing their dreams

The Clubland Detectives


Soup #3 Winner:  The Suit Works £615

towards ironing equipment, clothes rails, coat hangers etc., to give long term unemployed or disadvantaged males an interview makeover and training.

The Suit Works win £615


Soup #4 Winner:  Hillsfest £600 

to seed fund an arts and music festival in Hillsborough

HillsFest 2016


Soup #5 Winner:  Sheffield Makers and Hackers £800

to take on additional space enabling more grass roots participants to join.

Sheffield Makers and Hackers Space


Soup #6 Winner:  Ravecycle £460

to funding machinery to be made using open-sourced engineering, that will enable recycling festival waste into useable items – on location, at festivals.



Soup #7 Winner:  The Rainbow Heron Night Art Café

to fund volunteer training so that young people with mental health problems have somewhere to go for friendly and compassionate support late at night.

Rainbow Heron Night Art Cafe




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